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winner-mode-enable - "0.0.5"

what is it? download winner-mode-enable

Enables winner mode if its available

by Jason Lewis <>

how to install

M-x package-install [RET] winner-mode-enable [RET]


#+TITLE:	README for winner-mode-enable
#+AUTHOR:	Jason Lewis
#+DATE:		2015-01-23
#+UPDATE:	19:58:48
#+STARTUP:	content

* What is this?

The main purpose of this file is to enable winner-mode. By default
winner-mode is included in emacs since version 20 however it is not

This is an experiment in making packages that enable micro features.
An idea I have had for somet time that I am finally testing out.

* Install
This package is on marmalade. Install it from marmalade
#+BEGIN_SRC lisp
package-install enable-marmalade