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rw-hunspell - "0.2"

what is it? download rw-hunspell

special functions for Hunspell in ispell.el

by Ralf Wachinger <>

how to install

M-x package-install [RET] rw-hunspell [RET]


Additions for Hunspell, which find all existing Hunspell dictionaries
in the given directories, generate a special alist for Hunspell, and
optionally create a special menu for selecting the dictionaries.

Save rw-hunspell.el in a convenient directory, preferably in
your `load-path'. Add the following to your `user-init-file':

(require 'rw-hunspell)

When the creation starts:
a) keyboard: 'M-x rw-hunspell-setup RET'
b) menubar: Tools --&gt; Spell Checking --&gt; Set up Hunspell
c) automatically when Hunspell is used the first time
d) `user-init-file', after setting the user options: (rw-hunspell-setup)
e) when `rw-ispell-change-dictionary' (see rw-ispell.el) is called

ESSENTIAL: `ispell-program-name' must be set to the Hunspell program name.
ATTENTION: Hunspell is not supported by ispell.el before GNU Emacs 23.x.
`ispell-dictionary' can be set, in addition to the default dictionary.
`ispell-local-dictionary-alist' can be set, as manual list in addition to
or overriding the automatically generated `rw-hunspell-dictionary' alist.

Make the program more dynamic, particularly the dictionary menu.
Parsing MS Windows locales from environmental variable LANG, e. g. "DEU".
Possibly full integration in ispell.el, analogous to the functions
ispell-find-aspell-dictionaries and ispell-aspell-find-dictionary.

Change Log:

2009-03-29 (0.2)

* function definitions for `canonicalize-coding-system-name'
and `coding-system-from-name' added. These are new functions
in the CVS-Emacs from 2009-01-27, rw-hunspell.el needs it.
They will be removed, when the stable Emacs-23.1 comes out.

2009-03-20 (0.1)
Initial Release.