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mainline - "1.1.0"

what is it? download mainline

modeline replacement forked from an early version of powerline.el

by Jason Milkins

how to install

M-x package-install [RET] mainline [RET]


This is a fork of powerline.el which I began while the original
authorship of powerline was unknown,

-- Using mainline.el.

Add a require to .emacs / init.el

(require 'mainline)

You can customize the separator graphic by setting the custom variable


possible values...

- wave
- zigzag
- butt
- wave-left
- zigzag-left
- butt-left
- wave-right
- zigzag-right
- butt-right
- chamfer
- chamfer14 (default)
- rounded
- arrow
- arrow14
- slant
- slant-left
- slant-right
- half
- curve

For screenshots and additional info see the article at - note the article
refers to the original fork.

To customize the modeline - simply override the value of mode-line-format,
see the default at the end of the script, as an example.

You can create your own modeline additions by using the defmainline macro.

for example, (defmainline row "%4l") provides mainline-row for use
in mode-line-format.