Spreadable Elisp

sr-speedbar 0.1.8

Same frame speedbar

M-x package-install sr-speedbar
Sebastian Rose

The sr-speedbar.el was created just because I could not believe what I read on They wrote there that it is not possible to show the speedbar in the same frame. But, as we all know, ecb had this already. So I started as some kind of joke :) But when I found it useful and use it all the time.

Now you type windows key with 's' (`s-s' in Emacs) will show the speedbar in an extra window, same frame. You can customize the initial width of the speedbar window further down for console/DOS and X/Win/MacOS separately.

Below are commands you can use:

`sr-speedbar-open' Open `sr-speedbar' window. `sr-speedbar-close' Close `sr-speedbar' window. `sr-speedbar-toggle' Toggle `sr-speedbar' window. `sr-speedbar-select-window' Select `sr-speedbar' window. `sr-speedbar-refresh-turn-on' Turn on refresh speedbar content. `sr-speedbar-refresh-turn-off' Turn off refresh speedbar content. `sr-speedbar-refresh-toggle' Toggle refresh speedbar content.

Enjoy! ;)