Spreadable Elisp

jsshell-bundle 2012.4.7

JSShell generated bundle

M-x package-install jsshell-bundle
Dino Chiesa

This is a Javascript REPL shell for emacs that depends on Windows and its Cscript.exe host. It was philosophically inspired by Paul Huff's js-comint.el . The code here, though, is not related. It has been partially derived from powershell.el, which is Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Dino Chiesa To Use: Put jsshell-bundle.el in your load path Add (require 'jsshell-bundle) to your .emacs M-x jsshell There are a few customizations you may be interested in. Probably the most interesting and useful is the `jsshell-profile', which is a list of JS modules to load into every JSShell that starts. You may want to load in json2.js for example, or moment.js or some other library or module. These modules are not supplied as part of jsshell.el.