Spreadable Elisp

geiser 0.5

GNU Emacs and Scheme talk to each other

M-x package-install geiser

Geiser is a generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mode, featuring an enhanced REPL and a set of minor modes improving Emacs' basic scheme major mode.

Geiser supports Racket and Guile.

Main functionalities:

- Evaluation of forms in the namespace of the current module.

- Macro expansion.

- File/module loading.

- Namespace-aware identifier completion (including local bindings, names visible in the current module, and module names).

- Autodoc: the echo area shows information about the signature of the procedure/macro around point automatically.

- Jump to definition of identifier at point.

- Direct access to documentation, including docstrings (when the implementation provides them) and user manuals.

- Listings of identifiers exported by a given module (Guile).

- Listings of callers/callees of procedures (Guile).

- Rudimentary support for debugging (list of evaluation/compilation error in an Emacs' compilation-mode buffer).

- Support for inline images in schemes, such as Racket, that treat them as first order values.

See for the full manual in HTML form, or the the info manual installed by this package.