Spreadable Elisp

etags-select 1.13

Select from multiple tags

M-x package-install etags-select
Scott Frazer

Open a buffer with file/lines of exact-match tags shown. Select one by going to a line and pressing return. pop-tag-mark still works with this code.

If there is only one match, you can skip opening the selection window by setting a custom variable. This means you could substitute the key binding for find-tag-at-point with etags-select-find-tag-at-point, although it won't play well with tags-loop-continue. On the other hand, if you like the behavior of tags-loop-continue you probably don't need this code.

I use this: (global-set-key "\M-?" 'etags-select-find-tag-at-point) (global-set-key "\M-." 'etags-select-find-tag)

Contributers of ideas and/or code: David Engster James Ferguson